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Bad Girls Club

Olivia NicoleComment

Bad to the bone.

Young Free & Style Obsessed is a definite member of the Bad Girls Club, can't you tell? I am Olivia, the creator of Young Free & Style Obsessed and the co-founder of Cobra House. First, Young Free & Style Obsessed is my life, my love, my passion. I choose to document my life and my style to show people how to follow their dreams in style. Cobra House is the icing on the cake. Myself and my partner-in-crime have always had an insane obsession with anything antique/vintage, so that is where Cobra House stems from, our pasts colliding as one. Whether it be clothing or home interiors, the vintage aesthetic is always apparent in my life. Cobra House was created by myself and my love, Trig Perez, combining both of our skills and passions into one killer idea. When we moved in together, we discovered that both of our decorating styles and our equal love for vintage came together in perfect harmony to create something special to share with others.

As far as Cobra House itself, we choose to surround ourselves with what inspires us. Each piece within Cobra House is displayed with deep thought and carries an immense amount of history, which we love. Some pieces being family heirlooms from both sides of our pasts, and some being a part of someone else's history. One man's trash really is another man's treasure. The thing I love most about antiques is the incredible stories that each piece holds from its "past life". Our goal is to keep the history alive! Whether it be an old photograph, a 1970s vinyl in mint condition, or vintage band tee that just rocks, we appreciate everything from the past and choose to revive these items and celebrate them each and every day.

That is Cobra House. This is me. Passion drives me and the past created me.



Photography by @lexa.gabrielle