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My Sleeping Gypsy

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Feeling the sea breeze in none other than my beautiful Sleeping Gypsy mini! I seriously can't get enough of this beauty! The lovely linen garment was made partly by hand, taking several days to complete the embroidery with traditional craftsmanship techniques. The Sleeping Gypsy collections are inspired by Ukrainian national clothes called "Vyshyvanka", made with bright colors and patterns for the bohemian woman!

I chose to put "The Metal Romantic" spin on the styling of the traditional dress by throwing on a pair of T.U.K Footwear Baby Blue Creepers and Tuleste for Pom Pom Earrings, to "punk it up" a bit. Since my personal aesthetic is an equal marriage of bohemian styles mixed with punk accents, I felt this was the best representation of ME and MY style for spring!

There's nothing quite like owning a garment with an incredible story to tell! This beautiful dress speaks for itself, with an inspiring underlying history behind each and every thread! The incredible hard work that is goes into making each and every Sleeping Gypsy garment is an inspiration in itself! I'm personally looking forward to cherishing this beauty for years to come!


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Give back this Holiday season by giving yourself a gift that you will LOVE and also that you can feel good about getting. You deserve to treat yourself!

Nena & Co. has got you covered with rad bags that add a little flair to your wardrobe, while also helping to make a difference. Nena & Co. provides better lives for the people of Guatemala, whether it is by providing purified filtered water, or providing scholarships to the local artisans. Having a good social responsibility makes the world a better place. That is one of the many reasons to buy a Nena & Co. product. Another reason is, who wouldn't want a beautiful piece of art with a story behind it, to wear each and every day?!

Be a major "BAG LADY" like me and snag one to start 2017 off right!

Labor of Love

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Labor Day means that summer is coming to an end and fall is right around the corner. This means that the heat wave is ending and layering up soon begins. It means football, festivals, hammocks and family picnics galore!

What's a better way to spend this Labor Day than picnicking with my family? I can't think of anything better quite honestly. It sounds pretty darn perfect to me. This weekend, you could find us frolicking through the park and enjoying a delightful first picnic as a family of three. It's been a LABOR DAY OF LOVE!

Now lets talk about these radical hats that we are rocking! We had the recent pleasure of collaborating with STETSON (YES! #ItsAStetson) and how freaking cool is that?! It's been an absolute honor collaborating with the brand that created my obsession with hats. When you think of a Stetson, you think American classic! You think iconic! As they say, "Stetson, it's not just A hat, it's THE hat!"

Stetson - Grand Central in Silverbelly (Olivia) & Runabout Pro in Black (Trig)
Fawn Design Bag - Black 
Copper Pearl - Baby Bandana Bibs in Shade

Happy Mother's Day!

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Happy Mother's Day to all of the mamas and expectant mamas out there! I'm beyond blessed to be surrounded by so many amazing mothers in my life. My mama is the queen of my universe, that's for sure! I wouldn't be the woman I am today without the guidance from my mother. My sisters are also amazing mothers whom have taught me so much about motherhood while raising their beautiful children. They are exceptional role models for me to look up to as a mama-to-be! As an expectant mama, advice is always valued and welcomed, but I absolutely know that each mother has different experiences in raising children. It's something that somewhat is embedded in our hearts and souls, the how-tos of being a good mother. You're never fully prepared for each and every situation, but you sort-of learn as you go. It's the ride or your life and as fast as children grow, mothers are the backbone to a being, forever and always.

   Dress-up your baby bump and show it off for the world to see. There's something incredible pure and beautiful about a baby bump. If you've never been pregnant yourself, you may not quite understand just how magical a mothers bond is to her baby, but let me just tell you, it's the most amazing feeling knowing that your baby is in there moving around and being soothed by the simple sound of their mothers voice! This  Striped Bardot Maternity Shirt and Baby Mama Maternity Shirt are the most perfect tops to show off your ever-growing baby bump. From start to finish throughout your pregnancy, they just mold to your bump, showing off every welcomed curve in the most beautiful way.

Hug your mama today, and if you can't do that, make sure that she knows just how much you love and appreciate all that she does. A mothers love for her child is like no other. 

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There's 8 days until Christmas and Santa is watching over to make sure all the kiddos have been good little boys and girls! Too bad he has over-looked his naughty little elves that have been causing much Christmas mischief! 

LOOK OF THE DAY details below!