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"This is my costume! I'm a homicidal manic. They look like everyone else!"- Wednesday Addams

Happy Halloween, my little freaks! Play lots of tricks and get lots of treats! Are you in need of a last minute costume?! If so, Wednesday Addams is always a great option! You don't have to be literal about it either because it can be loads of fun, making it your own.

For my Wednesday Addams inspired look, I paired the Melrose & La Cienega Set with the Out To Play Fuzzy Sweater by Tobi to create the perfect look for not just Halloween, but any other day, really. To accessorize this look, I chose a beautiful vintage pin, a vintage Betsey Johnson spider ring, knee high tights and my favorite go-to Perforated Pointed Toe Slip On Creepers by T.U.K.

As Wednesday Addams once said, "I, myself am...strange and unusual!" Embrace the strange and have one hell of a Halloween, little devils! Be safe and endure the darkness!

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Bad To The BONE

Blogger, Hair Color, Halloween, Makeup, Photo Shoot, Photography, Style, StylistOlivia NicoleComment

Mischief Night is in full effect and is when all of the freaks come out to play. Tonight, I will rise from the dead and haunt each and every one of you because let's face it, I'm bad to the BONE! 

This killer Halloween look was styled and created by yours truly. To achieve this look, I used Manic Panic 'Goth White' Cream/powder foundation for the face, neck and teeth, Manic Panic 'Nosferatu' Lethal Lipstick for the eyes, nose, teeth and contouring (blended with a blending brush), NYX Cosmetics 'Midnight Express' Glam Eyeshadow used over the eyelids, and Lime Crime X Dolls Kill 'Cement' Velvetine Liquid Lipstick. My hair was dyed with Manic Panic 'Blue Steel' Amplified Hair Color, and accented by a killer undercut design by Johnny Spanakos!

For this look, I am wearing a Faux Real Photorealistic Apparel Skeleton Tee from Dolls Kill paired with Hudson Jeans, the Dark Sky Necklace by Barbara C. Pellegrino Jewelry and some killer Burgundy Nosebleed Platform Boots by T.U.K.

Photography by: Kelsey Fugere


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There's a ghost that has been haunting my style by stealing my color. This ghost, from what I have experienced, is not dangerous. It doesn't seem to want to harm my soul, but take my style. It feeds off of color, leaving a mark behind as a symbol of its unfinished business. I feel the spirit of the ghost surrounding me, watching my every move, examining my style one look at a time. I'm here to warn others! Warn others that the "Color Snatcher" exists and it is haunting the streets of LA, one stylish chick at a time. Beware!
Spooky Spooky!

Photography by:
Kelsey Fugere 

Wardrobe details below!