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Olivia NicoleComment

     Every girl secretly fantasizes about twirling around in a tulle skirt at some point in her life. Sometimes that fantasy comes to life not when she's a little girl in ballet class, but when she has blossomed into the woman that she truly wants to be. As a little girl, yes, I wore tulle skirts and twirled around my dance class, being a total priss, but today standing on my rooftop, overlooking the "City of Angels", I once again twirl around in a tulle skirt, taking me back to that feeling in a dance studio located in Georgia, where so many fond childhood memories occurred. I get the same feeling here today!

     Even though I may not be as prissy as I was once a upon a time, I still get the same joy from rocking a tulle skirt. Who said a rock n' roll chick couldn't rock out in a full length tulle skirt? Not I! You can rock anything you want to rock, you just must rock it with confidence. This amazing Grey Wooster Skirt by Shabby Apple brings out the girly girl in me and makes me want to twirl around and around once more like I used to long ago!

     For this look, I chose to pair the Shabby Apple skirt with a crop tee from Zara USA and a cropped leather moto jacket like this one from Nasty Gal. Accessorizing is the key to any look, but you don't want to overdo it. A full length tulle skirt has a lot going on and you don't want anything taking away from the beauty of the skirt by over-accessorizing. A simple pair of shades for a sunny day and a cuff bracelet or two works well, letting the skirt make the high fashion statement.

     High fashion, indeed. A tulle skirt isn't just for brides/bridesmaids. Tulle skirts are a high fashion garment that can be easily dressed up or dressed down, depending on the function in which you are attending. Make a fashion statement for yourself and give a tulle skirt another twirl, for old times sake!