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Fearless Beauty

Olivia NicoleComment


with Moroccanoil

Show fearlessness, always! I am fearless when I change up my look. I am fearless when I play with color. I am fearless all around! With a different hair color pretty much every month, keeping my hair strong and healthy is 100% necessary! The Moroccanoil Repair Collection gives me total peace of mind when living life with #FearlessBeauty! As a busy mama that doesn't always have much time for an extensive beauty routine, the Moisture Repair Shamoo and Conditioner are my go-to. With a precision cut, as I have, blow drying is KEY so I always make time for the Perfect Defense, giving the best high heat protection and leaves my hair soft and smelling delightful! Then if my little dude isn't climbing on something, I make sure to use a touch of the Mending Infusion on my ends to protect my bowl cut! It's important to take the time for ourselves, especially as a parent. I am fearless in doing so! My hair protection is always a must!

Now, I have a challenge for you! 

Post/share your experiences in being fearless on your social channels with the phrase "I am fearless when I ____" #FearlessBeauty for a chance to win a complete Morrocanoil Repair Collection (valued at $400).

No fear, just go for it!