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In Bed By 10

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In Bed By 10

Featuring: CStudio Home

What's your bedtime? I used to be quite the night owl - pre motherhood. Now, I'm definitely in bed by 10pm, if not sooner! Being a mama to an adventurous little boy keeps me on my toes, that's for sure. The endless energy of an (almost) 2 year old makes me feel like a kid again, myself. My little energizer bunny, as I say. With Axel being (hopefully) in bed by 8pm, my eyes can only stay open for a few hours past that! As a full-time mama, with also running The Metal Romantic full-time and working on opening up my new online vintage shop, when my kid naps, I get my work accomplished. When the day ends and the night begins, I sleep (as much as a mother can) to get my body ready for another day in the life of an on-the-go toddler boy! Whew! I get sleepy just thinking about bedtime. Zzzz....

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When it comes to my bed, comfort is key! CStudio Home takes care of that for me. The bedding whispers comfort and makes for a peaceful place to rest my bones and lay my head. My two boys love to take over the bed and hog the covers so I'd say they are also really loving our new cozy bedding.

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