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Heat Wave

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Heat Wave

Photography by Joelle Rosen

Summer is here and the air is sweet, AND sticky, AND HOT! There’s nothing quite like an easy, “breezy" look to kick off the summer (pun intended). I just can’t get quite enough of the Morerockin collection. The fabrics are smooth like butter and are lightweight enough to make it easy to wear in the hot summer months. This monochromatic pale pink number is my new favorite ensemble because not only is it ultra comfortable, but it’s oh so chic as well. Plus, I mean come on, look at the movement! Trust me, you'll want to LIVE in Morerockin! I know I do!


Casablanca Top


Morerockin Pant

Sidekick Crossbody Bag

Double Pom-Pom Earrings


Barkley Western Boot

Faryl Robin x Free People


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Becoming a mother has caused for me to grow so much as a woman. It has given me the patience that I need in all aspects of life, and an indescribable amount of drive to continue to follow my dreams. My goal as a mother, is to raise my son with that kind of mindset. I want to always encourage him to follow his dreams, to find out what he loves and to encourage him to give it his all, no matter what. Whatever he chooses to be in life, we will be there to support him. If he comes to us one day and says "mom, dad, I want to move to New York City, we will pack up and move there as a family, all for him to be able to follow his dreams. I want to teach him that sometimes, when following a dream, there will be highs and lows, struggles and satisfactions, but all in all, if you're doing what you love, that's all that matters. That's a lesson that I still have trouble with from time to time. As a blogger, I find myself wrapped up in the things that don't matter, at times. Whether it be the amount of likes that I received on a photo, if someone "followed" or "unfollowed" me, or if there is a slow pace of improvement on followers gained on Instagram. These things don't matter, but I find myself over-analyzing these things from time to time and that's something that I'm working on for myself. What matters most of all is the love from my family. Putting my baby boy to sleep every night and waking up to those big blue eyes every morning, that's what matters. Being in the arms of the one I love, that's what matters. Knowing that my family is happy and healthy, that's what matters. Everything else doesn't even come close.

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The Metal Romantic

Photography by: @trig_perez


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Pit stops are meant to be about adventure! Traveling from city to city? Make sure to make a quick pit stop in a city along the way and have a little fun!

My good friend and photographer Shannon Bray, whom I met during my time living in Los Angeles, made a quick pit stop in Atlanta on her way to Nashville one afternoon. This was the best kind of pit stop, in my opinion! Shannon quickly became one of my favorite photographers to work with almost immediately when I moved to Los Angeles, and we built a strong bond from there and even stronger images together over the past year! When you meet someone that you just bond with on a whole other level, that's something. With her, not only do I have an insane respect for her creative talent, but I have a deep connection to her incredible spirit! Her spirit is contagious and her talent has pushed me to be keep following this dream of mine!

Now that Shannon resides only an 8 hour car ride away, I can promise you that this will NOT be the last you see of our duo!

Follow her amazing talent HERE


Photography by: Shannon Bray
Lip Color/ Lime Crime 'Velvetines - Beet It'
Kitti Shades / Quay Australia
Leela Moto Backpack / Sticks + Stones
Shirt / Elizabeth and James
Rylee Skinnies / Valley City
Sneakers / Converse
Era Watch / Edwin Watch
Rings/ House of Need