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"This is my costume! I'm a homicidal manic. They look like everyone else!"- Wednesday Addams

Happy Halloween, my little freaks! Play lots of tricks and get lots of treats! Are you in need of a last minute costume?! If so, Wednesday Addams is always a great option! You don't have to be literal about it either because it can be loads of fun, making it your own.

For my Wednesday Addams inspired look, I paired the Melrose & La Cienega Set with the Out To Play Fuzzy Sweater by Tobi to create the perfect look for not just Halloween, but any other day, really. To accessorize this look, I chose a beautiful vintage pin, a vintage Betsey Johnson spider ring, knee high tights and my favorite go-to Perforated Pointed Toe Slip On Creepers by T.U.K.

As Wednesday Addams once said, "I, myself am...strange and unusual!" Embrace the strange and have one hell of a Halloween, little devils! Be safe and endure the darkness!

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There's a ghost that has been haunting my style by stealing my color. This ghost, from what I have experienced, is not dangerous. It doesn't seem to want to harm my soul, but take my style. It feeds off of color, leaving a mark behind as a symbol of its unfinished business. I feel the spirit of the ghost surrounding me, watching my every move, examining my style one look at a time. I'm here to warn others! Warn others that the "Color Snatcher" exists and it is haunting the streets of LA, one stylish chick at a time. Beware!
Spooky Spooky!

Photography by:
Kelsey Fugere 

Wardrobe details below!