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It's my party, and I'll cry if I want to. Tears of wild and crazy pregnancy hormones, that is.

Today marks my 27th birthday and I have a week and a half until the due date of my little dude. I've been so blessed to have a pleasant pregnancy thus far, and seriously haven't had much to complain about in this journey. That's not saying that I haven't complained a time or two about my ever expanding feet and the inability to sleep comfortably at night, but who's counting those, really? Haha! As I am in the final weeks before my son is due, I must say, there are a mixture of emotions in preparing for the approaching big day. As most mothers I'm sure can relate, I am completely attached to my baby bump. Not just because I am having a great time styling looks that show off my bump, but because my baby boy and I have this incredibly special bond that we have built during the nine months that he's been cooking in there. There's emotions that stem from the truth that I am beyond READY to see him, hold him, kiss him, and just anxiously awaiting his arrival. Our little nest is ready, mama and papa are ready, and we just know that he will be with us any day now.

My advice to the expectant mothers reading, when you get down to the final weeks, be patient and try not to get discouraged if your baby decides to stay in there a bit longer. You WILL be ready and eager when you have two weeks to go, but baby may not be quite ready, just yet.

Funny enough, for my birthday dinner last night, we went out to a local Italian restaurant to try out the "Eggplant Parmesan method". You may ask, what is this method? Well, apparently Eggplant Parmesan is known to induce labor within 48 hours after enjoying the dish. Last night, my determined plan was to give it a try. It was certainly not meant to be for this soon-to-be mama, as the first thing the waiter announces to our table upon arrival was "the one and only dish that we are out of for this evening is...the EGGPLANT PARMESAN!!!!" As disappointed as I was to receive this news, I came to the realization that my baby boy will come when he wants to, simple as that!

Whether he decides to make his debut on my birthday (today), or tomorrow, or on his due date of August 4th, it will be the best birthday present that this mama could ever receive. My little LEO sidekick will be cradled in my arms in no time! Yipee!

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Photography by: Christina Kelley Photography
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A beautiful journey, it's been! Today marks 37 weeks of a truly amazing experience, carrying my first child. An absolute blessing, indeed. I can't even begin to believe how fast the time has gone by. Soon enough, and our baby boy will be nestled in our arms, along with our hearts forever! 

At a young age, I was told that I had a good chance of having a high-risk pregnancy, if I were to ever get pregnant, due to blood pressure concerns. This was a something that I never imagined hearing as someone who has always had a motherly instinct and loved children.

This pregnancy has proven to me that I was just meant to have children. Not only has my blood pressure been better than ever before, but it has been in a perfect range. At my 37 week appointment, I was told that I received an 8/8 rate for determining the environment that I have been providing for my little one. That was music to my ears, as all I want is to provide a happy and comfortable environment for him to thrive in. 

The positive environment that I am providing for my little dude wouldn't be the same without the love and complete support of my partner in life, my love, my best friend! He is the most amazing part of me in every way, making me a better mother, partner and person, all together.

Being honest, I'm truly going to miss being pregnant. The enjoyment I have, providing my baby with the perfect environment to grow each and every day outweighs anything else. Starting as a tiny little flutter in my belly, to a rolling and kicking little being, is remarkable! It breaks my heart to know that some women are not able to experience this magic. It's truly a blessing that should never be taken for granted. 

Prepping a home for a baby's arrival can be quite magical as well. This mama and papa have been working each and every day to prepare for our little dude's welcoming. With the nursery now complete, it's time to fill the home with positive energy. Cleansing and purifying the air is important to us before welcoming our baby bird. Start the cleansing process by removing negative ions from a space. Do this by burning a sage smudge stick and waving the smoke in all areas of the room. Complete the cleansing and purification process by lighting a salt lamp within the space. This purifies the space and increases blood flow, improves sleep patterns and also increases serotonin in the brain, which affects mood, sleep, appetite and memory. It may seem like a strange ritual to some people, but for this mama and papa, it truly increases the vibe within a space. Positive vibes and energy is very important to us as partners and as parents.

We can't wait for our little baby bird to join our nest!

Ready. Set. GO!

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Ready. Set. GO! I'm just a mama on the go, getting everything ready for the upcoming arrival of my baby boy. It's down to the wire and he'll be making his debut any week now. What a wild thought that is! Time truly flies when you're carrying around your little blessing!

Nursery set-up, check! Prepared essentials, check! Packed hospital bags, check! Installed car seat, check! My to-do list is dwindling down to the last few items and as excited as I am to meet my little guy, I'm also a little nervous for the labor itself, if I'm being totally honest. No one can fully prepare, but one can try.

The best thing that makes me feel ultra prepared, is this perfect diaper bag from Fawn Design, that holds all of the things that I could possibly need, even before I'll need them! Right now, it's being used as my hospital/delivery bag, but soon enough and it will serve its purpose as an actual diaper bag! Not only is it super chic and modern, but it's oh so functional as well.

With four exterior pockets and five interior pockets, there is multiple slots, appropriate for all of those on-the-go diaper changes and mid-day feedings. No mama wants an extra large diaper bag to lug around all day, when they already have a car seat on one arm or a baby on their hip. But then again, no mama wants a teeny tiny bag that barely holds their essentials to get them through the day, well prepared. The Fawn Deisgn bag is the perfect size, and did I mention that it has two carrying styles?! Wear it as a backpack to keep your hands free for the other important mama tasks, or wear it on or across your shoulder, with the easy ability to clip onto your stroller (with the Think King Mighty Buggy Hooks accessory). Want a different color, other than black? Don't worry, there are multiple colors to choose from (blush, brown, navy, gray) as well.

Mama or not, this bag is perfect for anyone who appreciates quality, functionality and design. If you're anything like me, who carries around pretty much everything in your life, wherever you go, this bag is for you!  You'll have all of the room for everything you definitely need, those items that you may possibly need, and also those items that you most likely won't need but want to have, just in case!

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Happy Mother's Day!

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Happy Mother's Day to all of the mamas and expectant mamas out there! I'm beyond blessed to be surrounded by so many amazing mothers in my life. My mama is the queen of my universe, that's for sure! I wouldn't be the woman I am today without the guidance from my mother. My sisters are also amazing mothers whom have taught me so much about motherhood while raising their beautiful children. They are exceptional role models for me to look up to as a mama-to-be! As an expectant mama, advice is always valued and welcomed, but I absolutely know that each mother has different experiences in raising children. It's something that somewhat is embedded in our hearts and souls, the how-tos of being a good mother. You're never fully prepared for each and every situation, but you sort-of learn as you go. It's the ride or your life and as fast as children grow, mothers are the backbone to a being, forever and always.

   Dress-up your baby bump and show it off for the world to see. There's something incredible pure and beautiful about a baby bump. If you've never been pregnant yourself, you may not quite understand just how magical a mothers bond is to her baby, but let me just tell you, it's the most amazing feeling knowing that your baby is in there moving around and being soothed by the simple sound of their mothers voice! This  Striped Bardot Maternity Shirt and Baby Mama Maternity Shirt are the most perfect tops to show off your ever-growing baby bump. From start to finish throughout your pregnancy, they just mold to your bump, showing off every welcomed curve in the most beautiful way.

Hug your mama today, and if you can't do that, make sure that she knows just how much you love and appreciate all that she does. A mothers love for her child is like no other. 

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With baby bump, comes bump style!
As I am on to the next chapter of this amazing life, I take you along the journey featuring personal experiences, style tips for both mommy and baby, and much more.

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