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One top. Two ways.
In my most recent blog post titled "G R O W T H", this same top was worn, just another way. Funny enough, that way was backwards. For me, I love clothing that can be versatile. As a breastfeeding mama, I need to be able to cover up at times, and other times I need some easy access to the "TATAS". Hehe!
Since I am currently still breastfeeding, a brassiere is a must. You can always show a little "modesty" by rocking a bra under a low cut top such as this one.
This Bare Anthology top is perfect for whatever I need. Any occasion, I can dress it up or dress it down. It really doesn't get much better than that, right?
To create an urban vibe, which is what I'm all about, pair this killer top with a great pair of black and white striped trousers like these from ROMWE. Throw on some boots and a turban headband like this one from I'm With The Band, and you're good to go!

Christina Kelley Photography

Featuring: Top by Bare Anthology | Pants from ROMWE | The Sedgwick Scarf Turban by I'm With The Band


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"You make me feel like...feel like sayin' FOXY...oh lady...FOXY, FOXY LADY." - Jimi Hendrix

Happy Birthday Jimi Hendrix! For your raw talent, genius artistry, and for your unique style choices that will forever be iconic! Jimi Hendrix, a legend who slays a guitar like none before. A legend who's music can cut into your soul like no other! A legend who's albums continue to spin, over and over again.

Black Friday is coming to a close and quite frankly, I'm just ready for Cyber Monday! Personally, I rarely ever participate in Black Friday deals unless there is a just a must-have electronic, for a steal! Why would I ever wake at the butt crack of dawn to arrive at a store hours before the doors open, only to be pushed around by multiple customers for the last pair of boots that you've all been eyeing for months? Exactly! Why would I ever do that when I know that Cyber Monday is only a couple days away!!! The day where you can shop till you literally empty your bank account, straight from your iPhone/computer, while you're still in your pjs and maybe even in bed, if you're anything like me! I'd say that's a better deal, any day of the week! What do you think?

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