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Pit stops are meant to be about adventure! Traveling from city to city? Make sure to make a quick pit stop in a city along the way and have a little fun!

My good friend and photographer Shannon Bray, whom I met during my time living in Los Angeles, made a quick pit stop in Atlanta on her way to Nashville one afternoon. This was the best kind of pit stop, in my opinion! Shannon quickly became one of my favorite photographers to work with almost immediately when I moved to Los Angeles, and we built a strong bond from there and even stronger images together over the past year! When you meet someone that you just bond with on a whole other level, that's something. With her, not only do I have an insane respect for her creative talent, but I have a deep connection to her incredible spirit! Her spirit is contagious and her talent has pushed me to be keep following this dream of mine!

Now that Shannon resides only an 8 hour car ride away, I can promise you that this will NOT be the last you see of our duo!

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Photography by: Shannon Bray
Lip Color/ Lime Crime 'Velvetines - Beet It'
Kitti Shades / Quay Australia
Leela Moto Backpack / Sticks + Stones
Shirt / Elizabeth and James
Rylee Skinnies / Valley City
Sneakers / Converse
Era Watch / Edwin Watch
Rings/ House of Need


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There's a ghost that has been haunting my style by stealing my color. This ghost, from what I have experienced, is not dangerous. It doesn't seem to want to harm my soul, but take my style. It feeds off of color, leaving a mark behind as a symbol of its unfinished business. I feel the spirit of the ghost surrounding me, watching my every move, examining my style one look at a time. I'm here to warn others! Warn others that the "Color Snatcher" exists and it is haunting the streets of LA, one stylish chick at a time. Beware!
Spooky Spooky!

Photography by:
Kelsey Fugere 

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