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Labor of Love

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Labor Day means that summer is coming to an end and fall is right around the corner. This means that the heat wave is ending and layering up soon begins. It means football, festivals, hammocks and family picnics galore!

What's a better way to spend this Labor Day than picnicking with my family? I can't think of anything better quite honestly. It sounds pretty darn perfect to me. This weekend, you could find us frolicking through the park and enjoying a delightful first picnic as a family of three. It's been a LABOR DAY OF LOVE!

Now lets talk about these radical hats that we are rocking! We had the recent pleasure of collaborating with STETSON (YES! #ItsAStetson) and how freaking cool is that?! It's been an absolute honor collaborating with the brand that created my obsession with hats. When you think of a Stetson, you think American classic! You think iconic! As they say, "Stetson, it's not just A hat, it's THE hat!"

Stetson - Grand Central in Silverbelly (Olivia) & Runabout Pro in Black (Trig)
Fawn Design Bag - Black 
Copper Pearl - Baby Bandana Bibs in Shade


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A wanderer. A lover of natures sights and sounds. An explorer. A traveling soul.
An absolute blessing. Axel Hawk. My bohemian baby.

Tomorrow marks one month since the day he was born. One month doesn't seem like a long time, but when it's your own child, it seems to fly by. Since birth, my baby bird has been quite the "outdoors man"! As a lover of being outdoors, listening to the sounds and viewing natures beautiful colors seems to soothe my baby boy beyond belief. He is already one with nature, taking after his mama and papa, appreciating and respecting all that is given to us in life.

Dressed for a day of wandering through life, finding new curiosities with eyes full of wonder, Axel is ready to see the world. This Short Sleeve Black Grid Raglan and Green Mountain Leggings by Noe & Zoe can be found at Mini Mischief, a local business in Decatur, GA, providing rad clothing for the curious little ones. They have an amazing collection of playful, fun-loving and comfortable pieces for your baby and/or toddler with a bohemian spirit. Not only do they carry the coolest selection, but they also have a strong appreciation for carrying brands that design items made of organic cottons and ink dyes without chemicals. It really doesn't get much better than that! We want the very best for our children and Mini Mischief appreciates that in all aspects of the word!

Get out there and EXPLORE!