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Crazy, Wild TOBI Love - Part Two

Olivia NicoleComment

Photography by: Jaquie Nicole Photography

Here's an inside look at this crazy, wild love affair with Tobi.comfeaturing my absolute favorite looks for Spring. Who says a "mama-to-be" like myself can't rock a jumpsuit? This Island Living Jumpsuit is wildly romantic and just perfect for this beautiful season.

As I'm gearing up to be in my third trimester of my pregnancy in the coming weeks, this crazy, wild love that I have for my son is forever growing. I'm recognizing his movements in a way like never before. With my belly expanding more and more by the day, my wardrobe is sadly dwindling down to a tiny fraction of my closet. Now, I cherish the moment where I could wear this beautiful jumpsuit because unfortunately, it no longer fits the way it once did (baby boy just won't allow it!). I'm thankful to have been able to rock the Island Living Jumpsuit for as long as I could during this pregnancy and just can't wait to be able to rock it once again, post delivery. For now, cheers to stretchy pants and oversized t-shirts! Yipee!

A crazy, wild love indeed!

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