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In Bed By 10

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In Bed By 10

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What's your bedtime? I used to be quite the night owl - pre motherhood. Now, I'm definitely in bed by 10pm, if not sooner! Being a mama to an adventurous little boy keeps me on my toes, that's for sure. The endless energy of an (almost) 2 year old makes me feel like a kid again, myself. My little energizer bunny, as I say. With Axel being (hopefully) in bed by 8pm, my eyes can only stay open for a few hours past that! As a full-time mama, with also running The Metal Romantic full-time and working on opening up my new online vintage shop, when my kid naps, I get my work accomplished. When the day ends and the night begins, I sleep (as much as a mother can) to get my body ready for another day in the life of an on-the-go toddler boy! Whew! I get sleepy just thinking about bedtime. Zzzz....

Are you #inbedby10?

When it comes to my bed, comfort is key! CStudio Home takes care of that for me. The bedding whispers comfort and makes for a peaceful place to rest my bones and lay my head. My two boys love to take over the bed and hog the covers so I'd say they are also really loving our new cozy bedding.

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Blonde Gone Rogue

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Blonde Gone Rogue

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who loved clothes. She played dress up and styled her dolls in only the finest looks. She sketched and she sketched until she created the perfect look for her make believe life. That make believe life would later become reality when she studied Fashion during her college years. She sketched and she sketched, she grew and she grew. That knowledge and passion would stay with her for years to come. That make believe life from when she was a little girl, transformed into reality when she decided to begin a little journey called "The Metal Romantic". There she plays dress up every single day and she gets to share with the world, her perfect look in REAL LIFE. I'd say that little girl (me) is living her dream!

Blonde Gone Rogue 'The RAW Collection' 

Photography by Joelle Rosen




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Strolls Through Our City

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The Metal Romantic

Upon moving into an up-in-coming Atlanta neighborhood, a new stroller was just simply necessary! I found that we needed a hassle-free product that would make our on-the-go lifestyle easier to manage. That solution was the UPPAbaby "G-LUXE" Travel Stroller! I had a definite checklist when it came to what I needed when toting Axel around the city. Number one, it needed to be lightweight enough to where I could easily and quickly load him in to run our errands or walk to the nearby parks. Number two, I needed for it to be easily collapsible to be able to throw it in the back of my car when Axel tags along on my photoshoots. Number three, I wanted it to be sleek and chic to compliment my sense of style.

Let me just say, the UPPAbaby "G-LUXE" exceeded my expectations and fulfilled all of the items on my must-have checklist. Not only is it lightweight, travel friendly and sleek, but also features a one-handed reclining backrest, an adjustable footrest and an extendable UPF 50+ sunshade as well. So if he happens to take a snooze on one of our strolls, he'll have the comfort that he deserves. The UPPAbaby G-LUXE is the lightest full-size reclining umbrella stroller in its class and I wouldn't tote Mr. Axel Hawk around the busy city in anything else. 

Thank you UPPAbaby, for making for a pleasant and hassle-free transition into a new neighborhood within a new city. Axel definitely digs his new mode of transportation, as does mama and dada!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of UPPAbaby. The opinions and text are all mine.


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All I want for Christmas is these two right by my side, always. The holidays are always a little nutty but add in a wild 1.5 year old "man" to the mix and its doubly nutty! Mr. Axel Hawk is always on the go, wanting to play with every stick and leaf left on the ground. He wants to climb walls and do front rolls on a regular basis and basically gets down and dirty all day, every day! I think we will ask Santa for a bundle of twigs for Christmas! That'll save all of his elves the hard work of making toys that don't keep his interest for long enough.

As sweet and loving as my little boy is, he's quite the handful, keeping mama and dada on our toes and definitely testing our patience here and there. BOYS will be BOYS! Am I right?! Though his wild and adventurous demeanor drives me a little bonkers at times, it also is one of my favorite things about him. He's a curious soul, who wants to experience all that life has to offer and that makes for one proud mama. Every new discovery is something that will stay with us forever. Axel Hawk, you are intelligent, generous, loving, weird and wild. A mix that I wouldn't trade for even one full night of sleep. Who needs sleep anyways?! 

Take a look at our family photo session below, showing the mood swings of a 1.5 year old and the love we, as parents have for each other and our little wild man.

Photography by @joellegrace

Thank you for reading and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from my family to yours.

Olivia + Trig + Axel
The Metal Romantic

Fearless Beauty

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with Moroccanoil

Show fearlessness, always! I am fearless when I change up my look. I am fearless when I play with color. I am fearless all around! With a different hair color pretty much every month, keeping my hair strong and healthy is 100% necessary! The Moroccanoil Repair Collection gives me total peace of mind when living life with #FearlessBeauty! As a busy mama that doesn't always have much time for an extensive beauty routine, the Moisture Repair Shamoo and Conditioner are my go-to. With a precision cut, as I have, blow drying is KEY so I always make time for the Perfect Defense, giving the best high heat protection and leaves my hair soft and smelling delightful! Then if my little dude isn't climbing on something, I make sure to use a touch of the Mending Infusion on my ends to protect my bowl cut! It's important to take the time for ourselves, especially as a parent. I am fearless in doing so! My hair protection is always a must!

Now, I have a challenge for you! 

Post/share your experiences in being fearless on your social channels with the phrase "I am fearless when I ____" #FearlessBeauty for a chance to win a complete Morrocanoil Repair Collection (valued at $400).

No fear, just go for it!ย